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CW RPS and SPN Fic By Request
Where plot bunnies and writers collide!
Winchester, Keep calm
Hey, I'm kind of new here, so if I'm doing this wrong please let me know. Anyways...
I'm looking for stories where Dean gets lost/kidnapped/separated from John and Sam as a child/teenager. Sam and John think Dean is dead, and Dean tries to find them, but doesn't succeed until he is an adult. I'm looking for a long story; like from their separation to searching to the reunion. Preferably from Dean's POV, but can include some from Sam or John. Also preferably no slash.

Thanks! :D I'd be completely ecstatic if someone would write this for me; I'm not much of a writer, unfortunately.

I have been looking and looking for a story concerning the fourth episode of season 7 Defending Your Life. Since I saw the episode I thought that it should have been Cas as the third witness and then him going after Dean. Jo was great, but I need that closure, Cas telling Dean that it was never his fault and he wouldn't have traded his time with the boys for anything. Gentle, and sweet with hurt/comfort.

I would love it too, if Sam makes it just in time for Cas to say goodbye to him too. Thanks! :)

Please message me if this inspires anyone.

27th-Dec-2011 11:51 pm - j2 and sam/dean plotbunnies
Doctor moira_fae1

list of my plotbunnies for j2 and sam/dean fics.
Hope they inspire someone - please let me know if they do!
25th-Oct-2011 05:02 pm - request for Dean/Cas love?
Hi :)
I've been looking for fic like this and have yet to find it, so would anybody like to write some Dean and Cas smut, with one-sided wincest? Sam is fascinated by his big brother and his relationship with Castiel, so Sam hides and watches Dean and Cas make love.

If anybody writes this, they would literally make my year and my stressful midterms a lot easier to bear! xxx
22nd-May-2011 03:16 pm - Supernatural bunny from 6x22

Might be a little soon for this, but…

Spoliers for 6x22Collapse )

I'd be thrilled if someone wrote this one or if anyone knew of any other Supernatural plot bunny comms. Thank you!

15th-Jan-2011 09:30 pm - Miscommunication/J2
 So, I was thinking danish/german!bartender!Jensen and polish!farmboy!Jared. They don't understand each other, and though there is initial attraction-- they get off on the really wrong foot. Can't stand each other. Er, I was thinking they have to do something? for JDM... work for him? and he is the peacemaker between them. Actually, I was thinking about the whole thing from his P.O.V. 

It'd be really cute if Jared called Jensen green eyes in like polish or something, even after he does learn his name. And it just pisses Jensen off because he doesn't understand.

I dunno. It seemed like a good idea, but I don't have j2 friends who want to do it for me ):
Hope someone likes it enough.
2nd-Sep-2010 12:40 am - And Doggy Makes Three

So, yeah, because my love for Chris Kane knows no bounds, I want some Kane fic.

Chris works some type of manual labor, like he runs a ranch or is a construction worker, a job that's very phsically demanding. He's a good 'ol boy, never meanin' no harm. But on the weekends he's a male stripper. (His uniform is assless chaps, ten gallon hat, cowboy boots, dirty, white wifebeater.) But he's not one of those slutty ones who sleeps with the clients. He's a down home, Southern gentleman kind of guy. He believes in true love and happily ever after, even if it means waiting fifty years for it to arrive. Feeling a little lonely, he decides to adopt a puppy. The person who shows him the dog at the humane society -- and I say "person" because I don't care if the person is male or female -- catches his eye. Eventually, they fall in love and decide to be a family -- Chris, the person, and the puppy.

I'd kind of prefer it if this "person" that he meets at the animal shelter is an original character, but it doesn't have to be as long as he/she has a personality.

If someone does write this, thank you thank you thank you in advance.

28th-Aug-2010 10:12 am - The Illiterate and the Giant
Alright, chumps, let's do this!!

Here's my idea: a J2 retelling of Lady and the Tramp. Yes, I already know there's one (and possibly more) out there. But listen up, cause this one's going straight to eleven!

The Lady = the Illiterate, aka Jensen
The Tramp = the Giant, aka Jared

Now, obviously, this is a cracky idea, so let's not be all serious about this and write a story in which Jensen can't read and Jared is inhumanly tall. But those perceptions of them -- that Jensen is illiterate and Jared is nothing more than a big, dumb oaf -- are held by certain people, and how fun would it be to use them to make some great ass fic? THAT'S RIGHT, ALL KINDS OF FUN!

So, yeah, that's basically it.

I really, really hope someone writes this because, seriously, I think it could be epic.
10th-Jan-2010 11:08 am - Medieval Age Engagement Fic
So, basically i had this idea:

Jensen and Jared in the medieval ages, two princes from two different kingdoms. The Padalecki family and Ackles family decide that to bring 'peace and harmony' between their kingdoms, they need to marry of their children.Jared finds himself engaged Jensen's younger sister, Mackenzie whom he had never seen.

The thing is, Mackenzie falls in love with some mysterious guy and elopes with him.
Now, Ackles family need a plan, a plan that would let Mackenzie off the hook and still allow 'peace and harmony' to prevail between the kingdoms.

From here you can develop the story however you like. Just that t should J2 fic. Cross-dressing would be nice, but hey, beggars can't be choosers, so whatever's fine.

I'll be really glad and eternally thankful if some one could write me this.
24th-Oct-2009 01:54 am - prompt
a friend gave me the link of the community. After a dream i had a idea of fic. i know that lot hate danneel but i give you my prompt

jensen date with danneel and jared since one year since the season 4. they accept that jensen love the both for the moment.In my prompt genevieve is just a friend of danneel and jared. jensen live with jared at vancouver as in real and daneel come all the week ends.Jared, danneel are very possessive with him,very dominant in the sex. jared tolerate danneel for love for jensen and dannel make the same thing.and a day they decide to have jensen together for the sex porn,sex,domination,bondage etc. top jared and danneel. jensen vulnerable but shocked accepted by love and love of more in more the sex with them. after a talk jared show at danneel that jensen belongs but it accept that she be his girlfriend cause jensen love her and it don't want that jensen be hurted. danneel move with them and leave just for his job. they offer at jensen two rings that it wear at each hand. the fic can to relate when jensen accept the first time with them and their life together vancouver and after los angeles. they are very possessive and jealous others actors,actress tom,justin,kristin,ian,wentworth,josh,david,misha,jessica.

27th-Jan-2009 08:55 pm - Plotbunny!
For some reason, I hadn't seen this picture until recently. Anyway, it got this idea in my head that won't leave me alone. However, I'm not good at writing, so I'm hoping someone might be interested. Jared seeing the picture and becoming obsessed with Jensen's dick and unable to get it off of his mind. Preferably this would lead to some funny things before Jared and Jensen finally get together. They don't have to have sex, but I certainly wouldn't say no ;). (If there is full-on fucking, I prefer Jensen as a top and Jared as a bottom, but it's not too important.)

Ignore the AU tag. For some reason I can't remove it. If you want to make the fic AU it's fine, I don't care either way.
5th-Dec-2008 03:40 pm - RP Forum In Need of Main Characters
Dean Sam Enuff Said
If this isn't allowed, please delete.As a mod on a newly opened RP Forum, I would like to extend an Invitation to all fans of the Supernatural tv show. We have filled most of the main cast but still need some roles filled. The following roles are available:
After these positions are filled, we will be opening up the applications for Original Characters.

the link to the forum board is http://www.punbb-hosting.com/forums/the_road_so_far

please go there, sign up with your Character Name, fill out the application and wait for it to be moved.

Thanks and hope to see more people on soon.
19th-Oct-2008 07:51 pm - Generation Kill rewrite
smiley jensen is smiley
Someone who writes Generation Kill would work really well for this bunny, because it's pretty much a rewrite of Generation Kill. It's RPS and features Jensen as a Marine and Jared as the clueless journalist that embeds with Jensen's unit. That's pretty much all I have right now. If there's a way to work sex into it that would be realistic, that's cool, but I really don't care one way or the other.
14th-Jul-2008 12:47 am - plot bunny needing good home
(c) Da Vinci. Leda
Hey everyone

I've just had this idea for a J2 fic. I hope it inspires someone! *fingers crossed* If it does, I'd be happy to beta and/or make pretty banners - or even co-write/collaborate on it, yes I’m desperate to have someone take it *g*

Ideally this'll be a bottom!Jared fic, and have all the regular CW faces in various roles. I've tried to keep the plot bunny fairly brief so it leaves room for interpretation:
Jensen Ackles is the best lawyer in the state and he knows it. He has never lost a case, no matter how difficult, but his fees aren’t cheep, so when destitute and desperate Jared Padalecki turns up begging Jensen to defend his half brother Chad on a false murder case, it seems a dead end, but to Jared’s amazement Jensen agrees to take the case free of charge, on one condition: Jared must marry him. Having no other option, Jared agrees. Jensen naturally gets Chad free and he comes to live with the new couple, not trusting his new brother-in-law. Now Jared P. Ackles finds himself married to a man he barely knows and who apparently has no interest in Jared other than as a trophy husband, and wondering if he’s made the biggest mistake of his life...

Please let me know if it sparks anyone interest or muses *keeps fingers and toes crossed* My email is: bageria8@hotmail.com


7th-Jul-2008 12:25 pm - J2 werewolf AU plot bunny
(c) Da Vinci. Leda
This idea has been chasing round my head for ages. I really hope it sparks an interest in someone. If someone is tempted to pick it up *keeps fingers crossed* please feel free to change round any details you want, it's just an outline. 

J2 plot bunny. Werewolf AU – can be Mpreg if you wish, not essential. Ideally this is a bottom!Jared story.
When their beloved pack leader, Gerry Padalecki is suddenly killed despite their grief, they find themselves divided in their quest to find a new alpha male to lead their pack. By rights, that should fall to Gerry’s heir, his son Jared who is adored and fiercely protected by the pack, but Jared is not an alpha, rather, he is destined to mate with the new alpha. Mating for werewolves is for life, and Jared is secretly scared of who his new mate will be.
While there are several challengers for the new role of alpha and Jared’s mate, a lone alpha, Jensen, appears from seemingly nowhere and finds himself shoved into leadership of an unstable pack and mating with the sheltered but sweet Jared. While most of the pack accept their leader, some are insulted that an outsider can rule them but after proving his skills as a leader, no one sees fit to challenge him. Despite his resistance to lead, Jensen finds himself warming to his mismatched pack, and falling in love with his new mate. While peace is temporarily restored, two unforeseen threats come at them, one from inside the pack in the form of Jared’s best friend Chad, who’s in love with Jared, and the other an outside, Justin, a long-time rival of Jensen, who wants revenge against Jensen for an old slight, and will stop at nothing to ensure this.
The pack:
Jared – Gerry’s son, fated to mate for life with new alpha
Jeff – Jared’s uncle. Turned down leadership. Surrogate father to Jared
Jensen – lone alpha, doesn’t believe in packs. Thrust into leader role
Samantha – ‘mother’ of pack
Chad – Jared’s best friend. In love with Jared. Assumed future mate of Jared
Sophia – Jared’s sister
Katie – Rebellious member.
Tom – Jared’s cousin. Pack protector.
Jim – Councillor to group
Mike – mated to Tom. Joker of pack
Sandy – Jared’s best friend
Christian – friend of Jensen, fellow lone wolf. Mated to Steve
Steve – friend of Jensen. Belives in packs. Mated to Chris
Justin – bitter rival to Jensen
30th-Apr-2008 01:26 pm - That other Dean..
...like tears in rain
So.. Dean Forester. I have seen people write Dean/Rory future fic. And it's always the same. Rory is still single, and comes back to Stars Hallow. Dean is still there, also still single. He still wants her, loves her, doesn't blame her for anything and thinks her farts smell like strawberries..

Not that I am really complaining, all Dean/Rory fic is good, there is not enough, dammit..

But. Just once, I wish I could find a fic where Dean left that town, even that whole state, hell, left North East, moved to, I dunno, Arizona or Carolina, or California, or Florida, really far away. And maybe at first he found another physical job or two, and he worked double and triple shifts because it was better than thinking about things, and then maybe a few years later he went back to school, maybe part time, because that was all he could afford... maybe he accidentally ended up, I dunno, working as a bouncer or a bartender somewhere, while still taking one or two classes, trying to finish his degree in, um... something really fancy and totally impractical... and Rory walks in with some guy she is dating pretty seriously... and Dean sees her, and HATES her, she dumped him for Jess, she destroyed his marriage, she was too good for him, whatever, she is bad news, every time she is in his life he ends up hurt... so he ignores her, and she doesn't even notice him, and then suddenly she is everywhere, he can't gas up his truck or shop for groceries or stop by the library without seeing her there and HATING her and she doesn't even notice him, she only has eyes for her boyfriend... but then maybe he is driving home from wherever and sees her maybe on the side of the road trying to change her tire or desolately staring at the dead engine of her car... and he KEEPS DRIVING because hello? Rory is tiny and pretty, plus she has a Really Nice Ass, and someone other than Dean will help her, thank you very much, but then like, 15 miles later he is turning around and he is just gonna drive by to make sure, except he ends up stopping, but he still hates her, dammit, and now she is hating herself a little too... and she ruins her relationship with her bf because she is now constantly thinking about Dean... and Dean, he still remembers how it felt to kiss her, and ...other things... and even though he HATES her, maybe it would be OK if he just got to kiss her one more time.... (see: "I could be happy again. Things happen for a reason")

...or, how about, Dean moves back to Chicago, and it's Rory who, when she goes there for a job, sort of starts thinking of him and expecting to see him, and then she does, but it's still a shock or a PANG if you will, because it always just is when one sees one's ex-lover after a long time, and then Dean hates her and avoids her like the plague, but things still happen...
21st-Apr-2008 10:18 am - J2 plot bunny
(c) Da Vinci. Leda
I have a plot bunny that's been bugging me for ages but I can't seem to be able to write the damn thing myself, so I'm praying one of you lovely ladies or guys will be tempted and take the bunny!

OK, it's a J2, fic but Tom/Mike are together too and play an important role. JDM, Chad, Sophia, Sandy, Christian etc would all be fantastic if they appeared, especially JDM & Chad *g*

Here's the basic idea:

Jared and Jensen have been together several years, but somewhere along the line Jensen became an alcoholic and abusive to Jared. Jared stays because he wants to help Jensen, but it makes no difference. They have since lost a lot of friends who can’t cope with seeing Jared hurt and Jensen self destruct.
Mike and Tom (who are also together) and despite their pleas for Jared to leave and Jensen to get help, they also refuse to abandon them. Each time he’s over they take care of Jared, look after any injuries, calm him down etc. They also share a bed with him as Jared doesn’t sleep well on his own – this can be sexual or non sexual, but if Tom/Mike/Jared do sleep together sexually it must be about comfort rather than hot!sex.
Jensen always comes round later, either drunk or sober and beginning Jared to take him back, which he does and the whole cycle starts again, until something happens to change it…
This can have a happy J2 ending with Jensen sorting himself out, or a sad ending…or Jared ending up with someone else...anything really. I’m curious to see where this fic will go. 

I don’t want anyone demonised in the fic, where Jensen is simply The Bad Guy and Jared is a Trusting Idiot, I’d love to see their reasoning behind it. 

I really hope someone's interested in this!
*Crosses fingers*
MCU - Strange hand
Alrighty, this is a request on behalf of a friend, she's a bit nervous and doesn't think anyone will take up the challenge but I persuaded her to let me post it for her :)

Word for word from our chat... :D

ok I really want a wincesty Dean one where he dies goes to hell and becomes way more powerful than Lilith
it either ends sad or sam saves him
i kinda want some evil mistress dean, you know where he posesses a girl and taunts Sam

Anybody want to make my friend a happy shiny person? :)

p.s. she prefers Sam!top if that's any help

xposted to spn_bunnies
23rd-Mar-2008 09:53 pm - plotbunny
craving: jensen and jared are high school friends who get along well. jared likes jensen A LOT but doesn't know if it's reciprocated. slowly he tries to find out, but enter Christian Kane. MR Kane to his students, and the Js are two of them. As Jared tries to seduce Jensen, Chris tries to seduce Jared.

PG-13? R? NC-17?
7th-Mar-2008 03:07 pm - J2 baby!fic bunny for adoption
I've been seriously jonesing for J2 baby!fic, specifically one where
the boys adopt or have made arrangements w/one of the girls in their
lives (Sandy, Danneel, Kristen, Allie etc) to have a baby for them
- either of them are the biological daddy, I don't care - and when
they take the newborn home they freak out and start having (irrational)
doubts about fatherhood in general or one of the boys feels as if he's
a failure as a daddy because their infant spits up each time he touches him/her or something. It could be very comical and schmoopy, especially
if the other J does everything in his power to reassure his partner
etc. Of course, everything turns out okay 'tho once they get the
swing of things and bond w/baby Padackles.

Does this appeal to anyone? Thanks in advance!
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