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CW RPS and SPN Fic By Request

Where plot bunnies and writers collide!

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Where writers and fans alike share their ideas.
Welcome to CW RPS and SPN Fic by Request! This community is designed to bring together writers and readers with plot bunnies! This is a fic request and challenge community and anyone is welcomed to join.

Please note that this community is geared toward mature audiences and features mature themes and material than can be offensive such as slash, incest, and NC-17 rated material. All such posts will contain warnings, so do not be afraid to explore our happy community!

As with all communities there are some rules to follow when posting, as posting is open to all members.
1. Please limit all posting to fic requests regarding RPS (Real Person Slash) to individuals connected to the CW. At least one person in the pairing should be connected to the CW in some way.

2. Fandom requests are accepted as well as long as they are CW shows, i.e. Supernatural, Smallville, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, etc, as long as the predominant pairing is slash in some way. Crossovers are welcomed and encouraged.

3. Fic posts are allowed as long as they are in response to a request made at the community. Please put the fic under an lj cut, and include Title, Author, Warnings/Rating, Fandom/Characters/Pairings, Word Count, Summary, and Disclaimer. In the subject line include fic title, pairing, and rating.

4. Please tag your entries. If there is a tag that is unavailable for your posts please feel free to send the mods a note and we'll get to it promptly!

5. Be courteous to your fellow fangirls. Spamming, flaming, and fandom/pairing wars are not allowed. You will be removed from the community promptly if this occurs.
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Our comm is small, but steadily growing. If you'd like to help check out this post and see how you can help!
Credit were credit is due
The layout design is by the beautiful and talented tasha, but was tweaked by me, mss_celestal, and the header was made by me.
With all that said, have fun, make requests! Post challenges, share your plot bunnies, because someone out there will write them! Hell there's cannibal!kink! out there, so imagine the possibilities!

-The Mods
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