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CW RPS and SPN Fic By Request
Where plot bunnies and writers collide!
2nd-Mar-2008 08:35 pm(no subject)
(c) Da Vinci. Leda
Hi everyone

I'm pretty new to the SPN fandom, but what a great fandom it is! I've had a couple of ideas running through my head for a while now, and I'd love it if someonewas inspired to turn these bunnies into fics! 

Just for the record both are Wincest (Dean/Sam) but they could be written as Jensen/Jared if you prefere. 

24th-Dec-2007 11:32 pm - Big MoFo of a Bunny.
Animal - bunny
This would be for the Jared/Jensen Shippers.

Just as I was falling asleep two nights ago, I had this idea, but I was too tired to write it down and figured that I would loose this bunny forever, but instead... I dreamt about it all night long! *glee* Yeah... you don't care.

Here's the bunny:

In a world that is a kind of a mix between Ancient Greece and Medieval England, a boy is part of the emperor's harem, forced to service anyone the emperor wants him too.
One day, he sees an escape and takes it, running blindly into the cold night, wearing nothing but his thin harem tunic.

The emperor's guards are dispatched and hunt the slave through the woods. One of the guards fall off his horse, and the slave manages to kill him and steal his clothes and horse without the other guards noticing. Disguised as an Emperor's Guard he rides through the night until the horse can run no further, and comes to a village/house where he (in character) demands food and shelter for the night.

He overhears that the son of the family that has taken him in has been selected to join the emperor's harem and is to be collected the following day. The slave decides that he can't let the boy meet that fate and takes him with him when he runs again.

The emperor does not take this defiance lightly and launches a manhunt to find the slave that defied him, and the toy he had been promised. Now the boys have to try to make it to the borders of the land, to find safety and freedom far away from anything they've ever known.

♥  I don't know why, but I imagined a Greece-like structure of power, but in a Medieval-England setting. As if the Greeks never left.

♥  I think Jensen the slave, simply because he's older.

♥  The younger boy (Jared) is a virgin, and uncommonly old to be selected for the harem. Jensen's been there since he was a young boy.

♥  The boys are in their late teens/early twenties.

I really hope this strikes someone's fancy, because I'd love to read it!
12th-Dec-2007 05:53 pm - this is my dirty little secret
Hi people, I'm new here... obviously... Anyways I've have some plot bunnies that's been bugging me but i don't have the time to sit down and actually write them... So I joined here to share this to you people....

here's one:

Jared/Jensen (preferably that order but whatever)
Professional Ass!Jared and Slutty!Jensen
I know it's super used already but here's the twist:
    Jared is a workaholic business man  who's  working on a very  important(as in like a matter of life and death) business transaction with a mysterious Mr. A-squared(or just Mr. A). When his friends(Chad, Sandy, etc.) insists that he unwinds a little, he founds himself in a bar where he meets, Jensen who he supposed a hooker-- a gorgeous one at that--- from the way the guy flirts with him... They had a wild night. Morning after Jared being an ass left the hooker with 5 hundred dollar bills and a note that said "Thanks you're worth every penny, J"(or something)

Little did he know that he just spend the night with the possibly spoiled rich brat Jensen Ackles. (It's your choice if you want Jen to be the mysterious Mr. A or Jensen's Dad, Mr. A2{stands for alan ackles})

I would really like to see the lines:

"I might be a slut but I'm the best damn slut in town"

"I never. Said. That I love You"

So that's it--- tell me if I'm crazy.... I think I am... and damn Descartes who says cogito ergo sum        
12th-Dec-2007 10:22 am - fic request...
Larry armlink - by pfodge
Not sure if it has been done before, but I was hoping someone would write a J2 fic based on the Kane song "Mary can you come outside" (Lyrics HERE)

Rough outline....
Jared lives (possibly just moved in) next to Jensen, who is in an abusive relationship.
Jared knows what's going on.
He befriends Jensen and ends up falling for him (who wouldn't! lol).

18th-Nov-2007 08:34 pm - J2 Achy-Schmoopy Request
Hey all of you fantastic awesome writers :D I would love some holiday J2 that is sort of like THIS SONG [Rascal Flatts, Take Me There]. It wouldn't have to be like strictly about the lyrics or anything, but I got the general idea from the song :] Jared and Jensen are going back home for the holidays, and they don't want to spend the holidays separately so for the first time they work it out so they both go to both of their houses. And they walk each other through old time memories- basically they get to know each other ten times better than they already did.

Lyrics under the cutCollapse )

And of course some angst and some hurty-porn and then some schmoop (and more porn?) would make me super happy. :D
14th-Nov-2007 09:11 pm - fic request...
Larry armlink - by pfodge
Ok, so I have this J2 scenario that keeps going through my head......

AU (obviously)
Jared and accomplices kidnap Jensen (poor Jensen, always the damsel in distress! lol).
I don't know why, it could be political, or they could be getting paid for it.
Slowly Jensen begins having feelings toward Jared, even though he knows it's screwed up.
Jared is attracted to Jensen, and is finding it hard to remain professionally detached.

Anyone want to write it?
(there can be more than one, no fics are exactly the same :D)
13th-Nov-2007 08:00 pm - What if...
I was attacked by a rabid rps, jsquared plot bunny in the middle of the night recently, and now I cant get these two ideas out of my head!!! (Actually, it was originally one bunny, but I think its like parasitic or something because it spawned another mini!bunny in my head and now they're romping around in there and I cant hear myself think!!)
HEHEH So anyways... what if Jensen was a pianist with a tragic past playing every Sunday in Central Park (or any other big park in a big, busy city) and Jared fell in love with him and his music and starts showing up every Sunday until Jensen notices and a relationship ensues. This could feature Jensen recovering from the death of his fiancee which drew his promising career to a halt, and Jared wondering who this soulful pianist is who keeps playing haunting music every weekend in the park he always goes to.
I know this is a pretty complicated prompt (why do you think its been driving me crazy?!), so I think itll work best for a longer story. If you need any more ideas for this, betaing or suggestions (believe me, I have plenty!) just let me know.
The other mini!bunny that has also been leaching off me is: what if Jared and Jensen actually dont get along? Not straight out hating each other, but what if they were just two strangers to each other and only bothered to talk to each other on set if they had to? and all that groping and frienly banter at events was just pretending for the cameras? Obviously, the point of this would be that they end up realising just how attracted they are t each other and developing a curiousity about each other's lives.
Well thats it for my plot bunnies, just let me know if any of you actually picks this up, so the voices in my head can finally disappear!
11th-Nov-2007 04:42 pm - Secrets Sam/Dean and Past!Dean/Gordon
I've been wanting a fic where Sam is feeling so guilty about all his secrets he's keeping from Dean while trying to get him out of the crossroads Deal. One day from Ruby or Bela Sam finds out that that once Dean was married to Gordon and never got a devorce.

He finds out they were married while Sam left to college but had known each other before that. I want there to be flashes in they story of past episodes where it brings up evidence Dean was married and how he feels.

Like in the pilot for it to explore how Dean feels and stuff like that. And explore all the definate tension during Bloodlust and Huanted. I want there to be intense angst about how Dean hid this from Sam.

Dean confesses Gordon was actually a good husband and he was able to tell everything unlike Sam. Of course him and Dean work through it. Can someone please help me out??
11th-Nov-2007 04:27 pm - Jared's a hooker in this one.
Yalls can totally ban me! I'd understand cause yes, ONCE AGAIN, I have another plot bunny!

Well, this one I've been trying to get picked up for a couple of weeks lol. Hopefully someone likes it and if the Mods want to put a posting ban on me, I'd understand!

 Fandom:  RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen (top!Jensen please) Tom/Mike

Cross posted like crazy :P

5th-Nov-2007 06:46 pm - Another Idea...
Sorry if I seem a little crazy with another plot idea so soon but this plot jumped into my head so suddenly and I need to see this done. 

BIG amounts of AU and angst! Please take a look at it! 

4th-Nov-2007 06:45 pm - Fic Request
Hi! *waves* New to the comm and first time poster here lol.

Um, ok, well my plot bunny is a J2 fic and well...Ok, probs gonna be laughed at here but it's been driving me crazy and I'd really like to see it done. I was watching Transformers last night and I suddenly replaced Jensen with Sam and Jared with Mckayla. Anyone interseted lol? (I think that whole, wanna sit in my lap scene did it for me hehe) 

1st-Nov-2007 05:59 pm - Tom Welling/Justin Hartley
Okay, last time I checked, this was still CW-friendly ? Anyone feel up to (or know of) a Tom Welling/Justin Hartley high school fics ? Or, you know, any T/J fics at all ? Please ?
16th-Oct-2007 06:13 pm - idea for a j2 fic.....
oh,  internets.

spent a postively jubilant day at the carolina ren faire today.  forgot how much fun that is!  lots of ways to waste money and burn calories. 

and came home with an idea for a great fic...

7th-Oct-2007 03:09 am(no subject)
I have this idea and I don't know why! I'd like to read a story, a Wee!Chester story where Sam and Dean are playing with each other. Instead of "Hide and Seek" it would be "Find the evil son of a bitch and kill it". Dean would impersonate some evil creature and Sam would have to find out which one it is and find the way to kill it. A game for Sammy, and a way for John and Dean to be sure that Sam knows how to defend himself! If such a story exists already feel free to point it out to me thanks!!
9th-Sep-2007 02:54 pm - Mutual Friends
Queen Sawah
Title: Mutual Friends
Author: rah_ram/Sarah
Character: Jensen/Jared
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,171
Disclaimer: Yea, and Kripke isn’t an evil genius bastard.
Notes: mss_celestal had this bunny, and I’m trying to help repel it, and maybe lock it into a little box chained to a random basement floor. Not beta'd. My beta isn't answering the phone.
Mutual FriendsCollapse )
9th-Sep-2007 07:50 am - AU J2 Fanboy...
JA - Glasses
I just came up with a new plot bunny and was wondering if anyone would like to take a crack at it.

Here's the bunny in a nut shell:
The idea is a J2 AU story. What it is, is one of the boys is famous and the other is a fanboy. Well the one that is an actor, decides to go online to some of the fan sites pretending to be a fanboy also and check out some of the things online about him. He begins to get involved in some of the discussions and reads some of the stories, and eventually he becomes really good friends with another fanboy. And things lead on from there, of course there will be a lot of drama when things play out and the fanboy discovers who his new friend is...

It's a sucky description, but I literally just came up with it. Well anyone interested? It's entirely up to the writer who plays what role, but in my head Jared fits more in the fanboy category.
7th-Sep-2007 09:03 pm - Movie = Imagine Me And You
I'm not to sure if someone had already written this type of fic and i just missed it but I recently watch the movie
Imagine Me & You and i would love to see a Jared and Jensen or Sam and Dean version of it.
Jared and Sandy should get married but Jared falls in love with Jensen or Jensen and Danneel get married but Jensen falls for Jared, what ever really.
Not quite sure how the Sam and Dean version would play out but I'm sure something could be arranged for the brothers to fall in love.
So if anyone's up for it, id bribe you with plenty of love and hugs.
6th-Sep-2007 05:25 pm - Request/Challenge

Been looking recently for fics in which Jared is kidnapped and tortured and have failed to find any - most tend to be about Jensen getting kidnapped. 

So I would love to see a good looooong (if possible) fic written in which Jared gets tortured. I love fics in which a group of people are taken and held hostage however only one is severly hurt/injured/tortured/used to prove a point to the others. Would love lots of horrific and devastating torture, lots of comfort and healing too. 

Also looking for a really heavy BDSM story, in which Jared bottoms/is a sub/slave. Lots of Kink to be invovled. Would be great if he had been kidnapped or something and was found years later being forced to be a slave for a really cruel master/dom. Pain and angst are huge bonus in story's like these.

Hopefully someone will get a good idea for one of the fics. 


23rd-Aug-2007 09:29 pm - Request.
Blackwater Ridge | Cole (2)
I kind've just stumbled across this community.. but I have a request. Whether it be RPS or SPN related, how about a hypnotism fic? I know it sounds weird, but it's a big kink of mine. I'd appreciate a fic from anyone up to the challenge.. or lack there of.

Thank you.
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